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How do you get a 13-year-old all fired up about maths? What can you do to bring STEM to life? What do business volunteers do? 

It’s easy to talk about inspiring kids or enhancing and enriching the curriculum but how do you actually do it? Here you can find real success stories featuring educators, organisations, businesses and the people who matter most – students. The full list is available at

  1. Rockingham Festival

    Keywords: Science, technology, engineering, mathematics, activities

    Rockingham Festival is the Learning Grid’s free three-day celebration of engineering, maths and science. It’s designed to give eight to 16-year-olds the chance to take part in exciting hands-on events and get them excited by these subjects.

  2. Students design their school

    Keywords: Technology, engineering, mathematics, ambassadors

    Students at Lees Brook Community Sports College have been learning the practical skills needed to design their new school – thanks to help from industry professionals.

  3. Volcano disaster project proves a success

    Keywords: Science, classroom, ambassadors

    A classroom role-play project based on a real-life natural disaster gives pupils the chance to learn about earth sciences in a relevant and fascinating way.

  4. All aboard the Lab in a Lorry

    Keywords: Science, engineering, event, school visit

    Derbyshire school pupils recently got the chance to enjoy the fascinating interactive mobile physics laboratory, Lab in a Lorry, which is on a tour of the region.

  5. Adding value to personal finance education

    Keywords: Mathematics,  teacher training, business, volunteers

    Leicestershire Education Business Company, along with the Personal Finance Education Group (pfeg) and Alliance & Leicester, is making maths relevant and interesting at 23 schools in the county.

  6. Computer Club 4 Girls

    Keywords: Technology, clubs

    Spring Lane Primary School regularly runs the Computer Club 4 Girls, which helps girls get into ICT (information and communications technology) through fun, fashion and music.

  7. Enterprise Week gets kids excited about engineering

    Keywords: Engineering, business

    Enterprise Week, held every November, presents an ideal opportunity to encourage students to have original ideas and make them happen in the workplace. One way to do this is for businesses to invite students to come in and work with them…

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