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Computer Club 4 Girls

26 Jul 2010

Spring Lane Primary School regularly runs the Computer Club 4 Girls, which helps girls get into ICT (information and communications technology) through fun, fashion and music.

The Story

CC4G (Computer Club 4 Girls) is hugely popular at Spring Lane Primary School, Northampton. Running two lunchtimes a week, the club was created by the Department for Children, Schools and Families and is aimed at getting more girls interested in computer skills.

The club, run by a learning mentor (non-qualified teacher) is completely free for state schools and the kids sign up through a website. They get cool free stuff like a bag, pens, stickers and a folder, and then each teaching unit has a cross-curricula focus. By focusing on interesting topics, like music and fashion, the learning becomes much more relevant and fun.

What They Say

“CC4G is a great idea because you don’t realise you’re learning as you have fun.” Rhian (Year 5)

“CC4G is super fantastic.” Rebecca (Year 5)

“I think CC4G is cool and fun for all girls.” Danielle (Year 6)

 “The club is easy to set up and can be run with basic ICT skills. It’s also something a teaching assistant or other non-qualified teacher could do.” Shane Crick, Learning Mentor

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