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Stephanie Hannabus

Training to be a nurse

"As far back as I can remember I’ve always had an interest in science and finding out how things worked the way they do. I still clearly remember a time when I was about five and we almost set the kitchen alight doing a hot air balloon experiment!

My real passion for biology developed in high school. I had excellent teachers who really made the lessons fun and interesting. I find the human body and how it works fascinating so chose human biology over ‘straight’ biology at A level. I realised I also had an affinity for maths, I enjoyed its logical nature, and went on to study it at A level.

Doing biology and chemistry at A level meant that I was able to understand the anatomy, physiology and pharmacology aspects of my course whereas those who didn’t struggled. My knowledge of science is crucial in my nursing training. Understanding how the body works and how drugs make a difference means I have a detailed awareness of a patient’s needs and the theory behind their treatments, so I can provide even better care."


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