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Gemma Donald

A world of opportunity

"I’ve always taken an interest in science, and initially wanted to be a vet. I was very interested in the medical applications of science, and scientific research in this area, so I decided to take biology at A level, as well as studying maths and chemistry.

I really enjoy the diversity of the area – science is always changing and developing, and is relevant to everything!

When it comes to influences, my friends and family have always been really supportive of me, while my A level teachers were also very passionate about the subjects, and encouraging when I found things difficult.

Science can be really tough in parts, but it’s a great achievement when you finally work something through, or discover something that makes it all click into place.

Because of my background in science there are now so many opportunities open to me after my degree. I can choose to study further and go into medical or health sciences, train to teach, work in a research laboratory or go into a non-specific graduate job. It has really helped me to keep my options open. I’m really not sure where I’m going to be heading with my career at the moment, but I’ve built up a wide range of skills that I can use in scientific and non-scientific jobs."

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