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STEM Student Journalist Project

What is the STEM Student Journalist project?

The project was launched for pupils and students aged between 11-22 years to report on news or features associated with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

 "I think STEM student reporters is a brilliant idea. I've always enjoyed science and technology but, for me, the real excitement began when I had to find ways of describing complicated or obscure processes to others. It's always hugely satisfying when people who say they "know nothing about science" write and say they have been fascinated by a particular story. I know that the students will bring a freshness and liveliness to their reporting, so I'm really looking forward to seeing their work and picking up some tips myself!"  

 Maggie Philbin, presenter and reporter.


Why is it running?

In order to promote the importance of STEM skills for the future competitiveness of the East Midlands, UK companies and the economy as a whole, we need to inform people about the relevance, interest and excitement in pursuing a STEM career and the diverse opportunities available.

Visit the links for more information:

  • How to get involved
  • Making News
  • Competition
  • Student News


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