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Rachel Parkinson

Those who can...teach

"At school, every other subject apart from chemistry seemed to be based around learning from a book. What I really enjoyed was finding things out for myself through experiments and my own calculations. 
By the time I came round to choosing my degree, I wasn’t necessarily best at chemistry, I just enjoyed it more, and thought if I’m only going to be doing a single subject for three years I’d better do one I enjoy!

I’ve always considered myself to be very lucky when being allocated personal tutors throughout school, college and university. I’ve had all the encouragement I could ever want, and their help was invaluable throughout my five years of further education. My chemistry tutor was so enthusiastic about the subject and really passionate about encouraging us to aim higher and achieve our ambitions.

I think the current graduate jobs market is in need of scientists, mathematicians and engineers. Not taking anything away from any of the other degrees out there, but I believe these subjects in particular equip you with the skills and knowledge to undertake almost any job after graduation. After I graduate, I’d like to go on to become a science teacher in a secondary school. Not only are there more jobs available in this area due to the shortage of science graduates, but there are also many grants available to help students complete their training, which I’m sure will come in really useful."


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