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Your guide to key STEM events in the region and throughout the UK.

  • National Science and Engineering Week Oscars: £1000 prize for schools! (closing date)

    02 Feb 2009
    Jenny Beard
    020 7019 4937

    This year, the Engineering and Technology Board (ETB) are sponsoring the new National Science and Engineering Week Oscars. We know that lots of fantastic events are organised every year for NSEW, and so this year we would like to offer a reward for your participation and effort. £1,000 cash prize is available to the winners of each of the following NSEW event categories:

    • Best engineering event
    • Best science event
    • Best schools event
    • Outstanding contribution to NSEW

    Three planned events in each category will be shortlisted and then visited and judged by an NSEW representative during the week. All shortlisted events will be displayed on The BA website. These awards are open to any NSEW event organisers (apart from the school category which is restricted to pre-schools, primary schools, secondary schools and 6th form colleges).

    The closing date for entries is 2nd February 2009. You need to self-nominate and apply online. The winners will be announced during NSEW and prizes awarded soon after.


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