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lab in a lorry

This interactive mobile physics laboratory, created by the Institute of Physics, visits the region’s schools, universities and public spaces to give young people the chance to explore science in a fun and engaging way with exciting hands-on experiments.

The tour is managed by STEMNET and is supported by the STEMPOINT contract holders and volunteers from the STEM Ambassadors programme.

  • The lab has now visited schools in every county in the East Midlands.
  • The overall number of students visiting the lab since October 2007 to June 2009 is 16,500.
  • They have had support from nearly 300 volunteers in staffing the lorry, coming from universities as well as local businesses.

Visit the Lab-in-a-Lorry website.

“Laboratory experiments can inspire important scientific and technical discoveries. Lab in a Lorry has been giving the young generation in schools an opportunity to see that experiments can be great fun and a source of learning. When they were leaving the lorry, I heard one of the pupils saying excitedly to the others: ‘That was wicked!’. Simple things such as light experiments bring so much brightness and enjoyment to pupils. ” Dr Caetano Peng, Science and Engineering Ambassador from Rolls-Royce

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