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Ignition*, a collaboration between Creative Partnerships and Ignite!, is a three-year programme designed to encourage young people to think of STEM subjects as creative, exciting and attractive, leading them into further study and careers. There are six distinct but integrated strands to Ignition*:

Come Alive with Science
Starting in 2009 and initially running for three years, this project is designed to help primary and secondary schools take an interesting and creative approach to National Science and Engineering Week. In the winter terms, support and budget will be provided to schools so that a partnership can be formed between a teacher, a scientist or engineer and a creative practitioner.

Invent! workshops and competitions
The region’s invention workshops and competitions programme aims to inspire young people to become inventors. It does this by encouraging them to recognise that great inventions come from being creative, using one’s imagination and problem solving. The events will be launched during National Science and Engineering Week.

Enrichment programme
Running from March 2008 to March 2011, the Enrichment programme will see creative practitioners and companies commissioned to work with young people to explore STEM concepts through film, theatre, performing and expressive arts, and a whole host of other creative media.

Lab 13
The idea behind Lab 13 is to set aside a space for invention and experimentation within primary or secondary schools, where a STEM practitioner, such as an engineer, inventor or designer, is in residence. The space is managed by the children, who determine its rules, decide on equipment and choose the practitioner. 

Creative STEM Labs for Teachers
Starting in October 2008 and running until 2010, the Creative STEM Labs project will provide three residential Labs of Learning for 60 high-flying STEM teachers from the region. The project will also see a further 60 teachers receive peer mentoring and will create a range of teaching resources and materials that can be used in all schools.

Creative Sparks
This programme will see a group of 15 exceptionally creative young people between the ages of 14 and 21 nurtured and supported as they develop their talents and become role models for their peers. They’ll attend residential creativity labs, designed to stretch their abilities and introduce them to ideas and concepts outside of their education.

They’ll also receive funding and mentoring, work with creative STEM practitioners and be given every opportunity to influence their peers as ambassadors for creative STEM programmes.

For more information on the programme contact Sai Pathmanathan at .