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Engineering resources

  • British Nuclear Group

    Science, technology, engineering and maths. All ages. Award-winning resources available to order or download, covering such topics as power stations, energy, environment, electricity, water, radioactivity, numeracy and much more.

  • Engineering Interact

    Engineering. Key Stage 2. Fully interactive gaming environments and learning material.

  • IET Faraday

    Science, technology, engineering and maths. Key Stages 3 and 4. A programme of interactive challenges, activities and live events exploring science in action.

  • Institute of Engineering & Technology

    Technology and engineering. All ages. Offers free posters and fact files.

  • National media

    Science, technology, engineering and maths. Key Stages 3, 4 and 16+. STEM can be made relevant by relating the subjects to current news stories.

    Many national media websites such as the BBC, Channel 4 News and the Guardian post videos as well. 

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  • National Science & Engineering Week

    Science, technology, engineering and maths. All ages. Lots of ideas and resources to help you get involved in STEM activities.

  • NOISE ( New Outloks in Science & Engineering)

    Science & Engineering, Key Stage 3 & 4.  The emphasis is on the practical, hands-on application of science and engineering and the links between study, research and discovery.  Includes experiments to try at home, inspiring 'did you know?' facts, features on engaging and wide-ranging subjects, NOISEmakers' blogs and profiles, and 'Ask a NOISEmaker'.  NOISE is a UK-wide campaign funded by the EPSRC (Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council) to raise awareness of science and engineering amoung young people.

  • Open University Young Applicants in Schools and Colleges Scheme (YASS)

    Engineering.  Yrs 16+.  This scheme enables academically gifted students in Years 12 and 13 to study a wide range of undergraduate modules at first-year level alongside their AS and A levels.

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