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Steering Group

The East Midlands STEM Partnership Steering Group is made up of key partners from across the region, representing different sectors, geographical locations, cultures and communities.

The Steering Group aims to bring greater coherence to the Partnership and by working collaboratively, partners can share resources and link national and regional initiatives to facilitate a more joined up approach.

The Steering Group meets four times a year and each member forms a key role of the strategy to embed science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) into education, businesses and partner organisations by influencing their contacts regionally.

The Steering Group represents the following:

  • emda
  • Primary and Secondary educational sectors
  • Higher Education
  • Further Education
  • East Midlands businesses
  • Widening participation
  • Regional STEM delivery partners
  • Sub Regional Strategic Partnerships

 For more information on the Steering Group contact  the .

Impact Teams

In addition to the Steering Group, Impact Teams are created to help steer and guide the Partnership on specific niche subjects.  This gives key partners the opportunity to provide input on their specialist subjects and skills.  For example, the Marketing Impact Team provides feedback on all marketing materials and the Forum Event Impact Team help to devise the agenda and workshops.