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Volunteer schemes

  • Construction Ambassadors

    ConstructionSkills can organise ambassadors at all levels of the industry to come into schools to provide a real-world perspective on construction.

  • ICE Ambassadors

    The Institution of Civil Engineers runs an Ambassadors in Schools scheme, where volunteers from the industry get involved in activities and careers events.

  • IMA School Speaker Scheme

    The Institute of Mathematics has established the School Speaker Scheme to promote the applications of mathematics

  • Number Partners

    This scheme is designed for employees to help kids with their maths. Currently available in Leics, Notts and Northants.

  • Physics in Person

    The Institute of Physics publishes a list of speakers on various areas of physics and/or physics-based careers who are willing to speak in schools.

  • Researchers in Residence

    A scheme that involves PhD and post-doctoral researchers working in schools to motivate and encourage young people to take up STEM subjects at university.

  • Science and Engineering Ambassadors

    STEMNET runs this national scheme with the local SETPOINT (soon to become STEMPOINT) contract holders, putting schools in touch with people from a range of STEM disciplines.

  • Student Associates Scheme

    Run by the Training and Development Agency for Schools, this scheme encourages higher education students to go into classrooms to help boost the STEM skills and aspirations of pupils.

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