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Engineering activities

  • Awesome Athletes Project – The Science and Engineering of Movement (University of Nottingham)

    Science, Engineering. Key stages 1, 2 and 3.  Awesome Athletes is an initiative that has been developed to encourage primary and KS3 teachers to discover and develop exciting, problem-solving and hands-on learning for children through a cross-curricular theme of movement.  Movement of both animal and machine is explored and the pupils have to try and meet the challenge of finding information and possible solutions to a rather large alien problem. For 2008-9 it has taken up the challenge of the science and engineering of movement that lies behind road safety using a hands-on and investigative approach.

    Contact Janice Yelland-Sutcliffe, Co-ordinator & Science Communicator, Institute of Biomechanics, c/o Engineering Marketing Office, University of Nottingham, Tel: 0115 84 68068, Email: [email protected]


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  • BA CREST Awards

    Science, technology, engineering and maths. All ages. A UK-wide STEM award scheme through which young people explore the real nature of STEM.

    Gives students the chance to do their own creative problem solving by taking part in mini projects. For Key Stages 1 and 2, the BA runs the CREST Star Investigators, with activities focusing on thinking about, talking about and doing science.

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  • Ecsite-UK

    Science, technology, engineering and maths. All ages. The UK network of science centres and museums.

  • Engineering Education Scheme

    Science, technology and engineering. 16+. A programme linking teams of four Year 12 students and their teachers with local companies to work on real-life projects. 

  • Go4SET

    Science, technology and engineering. Key Stage 3. Go4SET links teams of six Year 9 pupils with companies and universities to offer a 10-week science, engineering and technology experience.

  • Headstart

    Technology and engineering. 16+. Provides an opportunity for those in Year 12 to spend up to a week at university prior to making their UCAS application.  

  • Industrial Trust

    Science, technology, engineering and maths. All ages. A national provider of out-of-school and in-company educational experiences for young people.

  • Nuffield Science Bursaries

    Science, technology, engineering and maths. 16+. The scheme gives students the opportunity to join a real research project with practising scientists in any area of STEM that interests them.

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