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What is STEM?

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are subjects that the government has identified as being absolutely critical to the UK’s future prosperity and global competitiveness.

We need to boost interest in these areas, harness people’s skills and create a strong supply of highly skilled employees in important, innovative industries. Therefore, it’s crucial that we get more young people fired up by STEM, making sure increasing numbers go on to further and higher education.

In order to support this agenda, the government has set out a vision for more coherent, effective STEM education, reaching out to all learners and offering better support to educators at national and regional level.

In the East Midlands that challenge is being grasped by the East Midlands STEM Partnership, a powerful voice for STEM in our region.

"We must not lose sight of the importance of the science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills agenda. The East Midlands will be judged on its ability to innovate and to better reflect the skills and competences that employers need. Calls for greater efforts to work together and share good practice are essential and the emerging East Midlands STEM Partnership is helping to mobilise these skills." Phil Hope, Minister for the East Midlands

In 2006 the Government commissioned the STEM Programme Report to rationalise and improve the provision of STEM support to UK students. More recently, The Race to the Top - A Review of Government's Science and Innovation Policies, undertaken by Lord Sainsbury, looks at how we are competing against emerging economies. Chapter 7 focuses on Educating a new generation of young scientists and engineers.

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