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Nottingham scales the summit of scientific endeavour

27 Oct 2008

From October 30 to 31 Nottingham is proud to be hosting the 5th national Science City Summit. As one of the nation’s six Science Cities, Nottingham will be drawing scientists from all over the UK to take part in the event.

Nottingham was designated a Science City by the Government in 2005 in recognition of the city’s outstanding achievements and strengths in science. The remaining five Science Cities include Manchester, York, Newcastle, Birmingham and Bristol.

Not only will the Science Summit be taking place in Nottingham for the first time, but it will also see the handing over of the chairmanship of Science City nationally to Nottingham. Professor Neil Gorman, Vice Chancellor of Nottingham Trent University and chairman of Nottingham Science City, will now also be chairman of the National Science City Association, representing all six of the Science Cities, for the following 12 months. The chair was previously held by Birmingham.

A city of huge scientific heritage, Nottingham has earned its Science City status against a backdrop of more than two centuries of impressive scientific developments and inventions. It was within this city, for example, that the safe painkiller ibuprofen and the life-saving MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scanner were born.

Today new boundaries are being broken within our two leading universities and promising new businesses are burgeoning within the city’s purpose built science parks. Over 62,000 people work in the science industry in Nottingham – that’s 1 in 5 jobs – and over the next 10 years Nottingham’s science sector is set to create another 20,000 new jobs.

The invitation-only event will be held at Nottingham BioCity, the UK’s largest bioscience and incubation centre. BioCity provides purpose built laboratory and office space for scientists and entrepreneurs as well as strategic and tactical support with business development.

Neil Horsley, CEO of Nottingham Development Enterprise, which is facilitating Nottingham Science City activity and awareness, said: "The conference will give us a chance to meet our colleagues from all the other Science Cities and discuss important issues of common interest, particularly the vital contribution that science is making to our economies and other key areas such as energy and healthcare.”

Councillor Graham Chapman, Deputy Leader of Nottingham City Council, said: “The event will help to focus interest on Nottingham itself and the great strides the city has made in developing its science sector - through its attractive property offer and the business support which is offered to the many science and innovation companies that are choosing to base themselves in the city."

The Summit will have a 'Sustainable Futures' theme and will feature workshops and contributions from invited businesses on themes including 'Healthcare', 'Digital Media', 'Energy' and 'Young People in Science.'

But it won’t be all work and no play as delegates will be able to participate in an interactive exhibition at Nottingham’s Malt Cross pub. The evening event will be hosted by GameCity 3 - the festival of computer and video gaming which is taking place in Nottingham at the same time as the Summit – and specially commissioned a Playstation 3 quizz game to put the scientists’ knowledge to the test.

It is hoped that delegates will be encouraged to stay on after the conference to enjoy the rest of GameCity, which continues until November 1st .

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