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Links for businesses

  • BA CREST Awards

    Creativity in Science and Technology is a UK-wide STEM award for 11 to 19-year-olds, with projects benefiting from industry support and mentoring.

  • Construction Ambassadors

    CITB-ConstructionSkills can organise ambassadors at all levels of the industry to come into schools to provide a real-world perspective on construction.

  • Education Business Partnerships (EBP)

    These partnerships provide local activities such as work experience and professional development placements for teachers. They also provide advice on how you can link up with schools.

  • Engineering Development Trust

    Runs industry-led projects, placements and specialised courses designed to enhance the technical and employment skills of people aged 12 to 21.

    These include Go4SET, Engineering Education Scheme (England), Headstart and The Year in Industry.

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  • ICE Ambassadors

    The Institution of Civil Engineers runs an Ambassadors in Schools scheme, where volunteers from the industry get involved in activities and careers events.

  • Industrial Trust

    Provides out-of-school and in-company educational experiences for young people.

  • Nuffield Science Bursaries

    These are for first-year A level students, offering the exciting chance to join a real research project in a business, university or other research establishment. The projects run over the summer vacation and include a weekly bursary.

  • Number Partners

    This is a business volunteer scheme designed to support pupils. Currently available in Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Northamptonshire.

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