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Advantages of the Electronic Cigarette

The electronic cigarette which is also known as the e-cigarette or e-cig is a device which electrically simulates the habit of tobacco smoking is becoming quite popular among smokers who wish to quit tobacco smoking. These cigarettes are usually used by smokers to replace the use of the conventional cigarettes. Smoking the electronic cigarette is a healthier way of smoking and it helps the smokers to stop and reduce the habit of smoking. The smoker inhales nicotine vapor produce by this electronic device. The tantalizing flavor experienced by the person smoking is almost as the same as that of tobacco.

Electronic cigarettes are not carcinogenic nor are they flammable. Smokers can inhale the nicotine vapour which does not have the negative effects that tobacco has. The electronic cigarette is a known as a “state of the art micro electronic technology device” which provides a life time experience for the smoker. It does not affect the environment in which we life nor does it affect the people around us. It is recorded that normal cigarettes releases nearly 4000 dangerous chemicals. However, this is avoided when using an electronic cigarette. In addition, in an electronic cigarette the ingredients are non-cancerous.

Electronic cigarettes now come in attractive designs. They look more realistic and are considered more user-friendly when compared to the earlier type of cigarettes. In addition, the smoker gets the same satisfaction as that of the conventional ones. The advantage is that the smoker gets the same experience without producing any smoke. Unlike traditional cigarettes which release a lot of smoke when puffed, the electronic cigarette does not have one speck of visual residue. The effects of smoking such as developing yellow teeth or finger are totally prevented.

Another advantage of using the electronic cigarette is that you can continue smoking as long as the battery is charged. A fully charged battery can last for several hours. It can be used in smoking prohibited areas such as parks, public areas and restaurants since that the vapor produced by the electronic cigarette is harmless.

Lastly, the use of the electronic cigarette is cheaper when compared to the traditional cigarettes. Smokers can now experience and enjoy the emotional and physical sensation of using the electronic cigarette without having to go deep into their pockets.